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Fascini di Pietra Piedras Semipreciosas

Semiprecious Stones

We create the best semiprecious stone jewelry in high end fashion jewelry. In our gemstone online store Fascini di Pietra, we design and produce handmade jewels. In the meantime they are fashion jewels and timeless. They are also unique designer jewels, large, original and above all, using natural stones of the highest quality as an unequivocal mark of brand identity. Welcome to the best online store of semiprecious stones in the internet.

Online Handmade Fashion Fine Jewelry with Semiprecious Stones

Handmade Fine Imitation Jewellery and Semiprecious Stone Jewelry

In Fascini di Pietra we stand for our unique designs, genuine and spectacular jewels. The vast majority of the jewelry brands, they are worry about mass production to supply the demand and make tons of money. In Fascini di Pietra we preffer to be proud of our jewels, give exclusivity and feel the customer satisfaction in every testimonial.

Rather, our main focus is to develop unique jewels through handmade processes. We also develop fine jewelry at affordable prices for almost everybody.

Therefore, our collections are limited. Is very possible you buy now a big stone ring or a natural stone pendant and next time, you won´t find again those designs. Is usual as well to buy turquoise rings, which only hhave in common the stone specimen. This is due to the natural origin of the stone. Every stone have different colors, inclusions, imprefections, shape, size or finished. Therefore one ring is allways different to the other no matter the stone could be the same.

The same goes for fashion bracelets or handmade bracelets with natural stones. Also same thing with fashion gemstone necklaces and even earrings made of natural material.

What is the Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion jewelry also called in English Statement Jewelry or literally translating into Spanish, “jewelry that declares something”. Also is those that has something to say about your outfit. In other words, its jewelry that does not go unnoticed, certainly not minimalist jewelry. It belongs then, to the segment of fine jewelry or high jewelry with style and trend.

Thats why, this jewelry is usually very outstanding, designed and stylish. Since the Egyptians used this type of jewelry in their ceremonies, rituals and acts connected with the divinities of their culture. Also, they are usually handmade jewels, with great attention to detail, including natural materials such as semiprecious and precious stones.

Handmade Jewelry Design

El proceso de diseño de joyería en Fascini di Pietra empieza con un boceto de la joya. Comenzamos buscando inspiración y plasmando nuestra creatividad en bocetos, que luego se transforman en piezas reales en nuestro taller oficial de Fascini.

Through handmade jewelry online, we can offer you a wide range of natural stone jewelry for any ocasion. When we design a jewel, we first capture the idea in a sketch, then we look for the stones in different mines and producers. The challenge is to transform the sketch into a reality.

Precious and semi-precious stones have different shapes, sizes and colors. The metallic part of the design, which can be brass, bronze or stainless steel, must be adapted to the stone shape and not vice versa. We do not want to interfere with the mineral in any case, but use it as it comes from the mine and nature.

We are against poor design, artificial materials, lack of attention to detail, mass production, parts that end up being clones of each other without further differentiation. Ours are not like that. They are handmade jewelry and jewelry with semiprecious stones, handmade.

Exclusive Jewelry

All our designs are under rigorous quality controls. The result of all this work, are a unique jewels, exclusive and fascinating jewels that make up all the Fascini di Pietra collections. 

You can find unique rings, necklaces with semi-precious stones both long and short and even chokers. Also stone bracelets and bracelets, in addition to natural stone earrings.

Semiprecious or Precious Stones

They can also be referred to as precious and semi-precious gems. Since thousends years ago, the human being has endowed precious stones or strange stones, of great importance and mysticism. They have always been used for ornamentation, as a symbol of exclusivity and power, as tools for healing and even for worship of certain deities jewels.

Differences Between the Precious and Semiprecious Stones

The main factors to be able to distinguish the precious stones from the semiprecious ones are three:

  1. The hardness scale. As we know, the hardest stone that exists is the diamond with the number 10 on the Mohs scale. Quartz has a hardness value of 7 and is considered semi-precious stone. From that value, they are considered precious stones up to 10.
  2. The rarity or difficulty to find them in nature. This attribute is fundamental, the rarer the stone, the more value it acquires in the jewelry market.
  3. Its beauty and perfection. Whether precious or semiprecious stone, when we talk about these attributes, it refers to; brightness, transparency, color and purity. All this influences its market value, the more pure and perfect, the more expensive it will be.

Precious Stones Pictures and Names

The most important gemstones are four; the diamond, the emerald, the ruby ​​and the blue sapphire.

Pictures and Names of Semiprecious Stones

There are many semiprecious stones, however, we simply want to enlighten you with two very important ones. Two gems that we use a lot in our exclusive jewelry. These are white quartz and amethyst.

Most Important Natural Stone Names

This is just a sample of the most important natural gems of the world. Aside from the jewelry use, they are also used as elements for interior decoration.

Original Gifts For Women

In fact, Fascini di Pietra introduce you with original and personalized gifts. All our natural stone jewelry can be personalized with messages for your loved one. These messages that we include in the gifts are handwritten notes with excellent handwriting and paper quality.

In Fascini, you can find original gifts for weddings, for your girlfriend, for your best friend, for mothers and of course, the most exclusive gifts for Christmas. Be original and give exclusivity, originality, craftsmanship and quality at affordable prices. Impress and surprise with personalized gifts that cannot be purchased at any store in the world.

What the customers says about us?

Fascini di Pietra serves customers from all over the world through this fine jewelry store online. Our brand operates since 2003 with great success. This has given us extensive experience not only in the creation of jewels with semiprecious stones in natural stones, but also, to satisfy our clients and serve them with the best possible service. Let us surprise you with our jewelry, presentation and excellent service.

Fashion Jewelry Online in Natural Stones

Hundreds of satisfied customers around the world support us. If you live in any of the European countries, shipments are free, you do not have to pay anything to receive your package door to door.

In case you live in extra-EU country (outside Europe), if the total order amount beats 65,00 Euros or more, you will get free shipping.

On the other hand, if the purchase amount is less than 65.00 euros, you will pay only 5.00 euros for each design you include in your order. This amount only compensates for 40% of the shipment, the other 60% is compensated by Fascini di Pietra. We want to become the best online jewelry store, thus, we only think about how to satisfy you through our jewelry with semiprecious stones and excellent service.

Learn More about natural stones and fine jewelry here

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